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The Havanese is a relatively healthy breed, thanks to selective breeding by responsible breeders. But like any dog breed, there are some genetic health issues that a potential owner should be aware of before purchase. Please read our pages on AllergiesHealth Problems, and Lifespan pages for more information.


The Havanese is a natural clown, but they are also eager to please and eager to learn! Although never bred to work, the Havanese does have a natural predisposition to people-pleasing. This trait is what drives and motivates their desire to learn. Their clownish tendencies and people-pleasing trait align to make them the perfect trick dogs, too, and they were even once used as circus dogs! They love to learn and perform for their people or strangers!

However, due to that same people-pleasing trait, the Havanese can be prone to separation anxiety if not properly trained, and especially if it comes from poor breeding. It is important to begin training and healthy separation young with your Havanese puppy so that they can handle being separated from you as an adult. Likewise, getting a Havanese if you don’t plan on spending much time with them wouldn’t be fair to you or the dog. Remember, these dogs love being with their people!

Havanese are very in-tune with their people and emotions, and for this reason they do best with a positive reinforcement training method. Negative reinforcement methods such as physical punishment may cause your Havanese anxiety. Clicker, treats, toys, and just good old-fashioned pets are great ways to train and reward your Havanese while also building their confidence and trust!

Although easy to train and eager to learn, the Havanese has a tiny bladder like any toy breed. For this reason, potty training may be a more difficult process than for a larger breed puppy. Crate training is highly recommended for your Havanese to prevent accidents inside and patience is a must! Scheduled feedings are also a good idea to keep your puppy consistent enough for you to follow without guesswork. Tether training is a popular form of house training for any breed of dog, and involves keeping the puppy with you (tethered by a leash) at all times so that you can observe their signs.
Some people may choose to instead train their Havanese to potty inside on a puppy pee pad or in a litter box.

For more detailed information and advice on training your Havanese, please see the Training submenu at the top of the page, where you will find links to our Havanese training website.